2024 3rd International Conference on Remote Sensing, Surveying and Mapping (RSSM 2024)
Call For Paper

Topics include but are not limited to the following areas:

A. Remote Sensing / 遥感

Environmental Remote Sensing
Image Data Processing Technology图象数据处理技术
Hyperspectral Image Processing高光谱影像处理 
Remote Sensing Information Extraction遥感信息提取 
Optical Imaging光学成像 
Big Data Analysis and Processing大数据分析与处理 
Optical Remote Sensing光学遥感 
Global Positioning and Navigation System全球定位和导航系统
Synthetic Aperture Radar合成孔径雷达
Geographic Information System地理信息系统(GIS) 
Microwave Remote Sensing微波遥感  
Geographic Information Science地理信息科学  
Global Navigation Satellite System全球导航卫星系统(GNSS)

B.  Surveying and Mapping/测绘 

Geodetic Survey大地测量学 
Surveying and Mapping Technology测绘技术 
Engineering Survey工程测量学
Mine Survey矿山测量学 
Precision Surveying and Mapping Instrument精密测绘仪器 
Principle and Application of GPSGPS原理与应用
Digital Mapping数字测图
Optical Instrument光学仪器
Digital Image Processing数字图像处理

C.  Other Related Topics/其他相关主题